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Parks and Recreation Update 

In addition to the information below, we ask that you keep an eye out for programming opportunities at our "Sunnyside Community Center" Facebook page, and glance at our City webpage.

Please click on this link for information as well as reading the following notice
Sunnyside community – we understand the weather is getting warmer and with schools closed and people away from work because of the COVID -19 virus many of you are using City park facilities. 

We love seeing you active and enjoying the outdoors however one thing we would like to caution you on is the use of playgrounds and athletic areas such as basketball courts.  We know playgrounds are something that kids gravitate towards when they are out of school however, we would like to promote more ‘movement’ activities such as walking, jogging, or biking which are activities more suited towards social distancing.

Our playgrounds are not wiped down and cleaned to standards that would be considered sanitized in between all the use.


We want to remind you of this and ask that you continue to use judgement when using our park facilities. Keeping parks open for people to enjoy is our priority, please make sure you are doing your part in keeping our parks safe.

    Interested in sponsoring or donating to an event or program? call Parks and Recreation office at 509-837-8660
    Interested in volunteering or earning student community service hours? call Parks and Recreation office at 509-837-8660
    Please keep an eye out for more programming on this page as well as our Facebook page "Sunnyside Community Center" 

    Follow us on Facebook at Parks & Recreation Division Facebook page for updates

      Rainy day activities - While you are at home trying to decide what next to do...
      Play drums with the kitchen pots and pans
      Play cards
      Play board games
      Learn to play an instrument
      Play hide and seek
      Build a fort with Legos
      Make a paper airplane
      Make a snowflake
      Do the dishes for your mom and dad
      Call someone you care about
      Perfect a hand stand
      Build a fort with furniture, pillows, blankets and unthing you can find that wont break in the process
      Ask people around you randown questions you would not typically ask someone
                       ex: How does some get elected President ? How did you and ….. meet? What the weirdest thing you have ever ate?
      Eat a giant bowl of popcorn...….and add goodies to like Reeses, M&M's, more butter
      Eat some ice cream
      Learn to balance a broom on your finger
      Learn to balance a broom on your chin or forehead
      Challenge someone to a speed game of counting out loud to 10
      Challenge someone to a speed game of saying the alphabet out loud
      Color a picture
      Order out a meal
      Drive through a coffee shop
      Play dress up
      Dry walking in your moms high
      Playing drums with your kitchen pots and pans

      If you have any questions please contact the Parks & Recreation department at (509) 837-8660. 

 Other Community Recreation Programs

Grid kids football
Max Saldana 509-830-3494

Cal Ripken baseball/ softball
Chevy and Sara Palomarez 509-840-1597 / 509-840-3121

509 Insanity Basketball
Lupe Maldonado 509-391-9632

Monica Guillen 509-830-4300

Dungeon Boxing
Jose Cruz Ramos 509-439-3879

Volleyball Club
Becky Norem 509-840-4046

SASA Soccer
Trish Combs 509-391-5443