Sunnyside Arts Commission


  • As called
  • As determined


The Sunnyside Arts Commission created by Chapter 2.50.150 of the Sunnyside Municipal Code, is responsible for advising the City Council on all matters pertaining to the artistic, aesthetic, and cultural aspects of the City, and actively encourages programs for the cultural enrichment of the community, including visual and performing arts activities as well as arts education programs. The commission participates in the designation of historical landmarks, and reviews design elements for public sculpture, fountains, murals, benches, and other fixtures.


The committee is comprised of:
  • One member shall be Sunnyside Fine Arts teacher
  • One member Youth Representative (Student from Sunnyside area high school)
  • One member of the City Council
  • Three citizens at large that have no vested interest in any particular art or cultural endeavor
  • Three members from the following classes of individuals: artist, musician, or actor


  • VACANT, At-Large, October 2017
  • Debbie Mendoza, At-Large, December 2018
  • DeLeesa Restucci, Vice-Chair, At-Large, December 2018
  • Kathleen Rogers, Chair, Professional Artist, March 2018
  • VACANT, Professional Artist, March 2018
  • Loran Hancock, Professional Artist, April 2019
  • Erica Linda, Student Representative, June 2015
  • Dawn Haak, SCHS Art Teacher, April 2019
  • Julia Hart, City Council, December 2017